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Notice: Trash alongside the streets of our neighborhood has become a problem of great concern and we need your help to resolve this issue. Until corrected we will continue to work for a solution. Please make plans to attend our meetings, time and date listed above.


Your neighborhood association is offering select page opportunities on this site for:

Limited FREE page sponsorship available for the neighborhood/business associations in Forestdale such as:

Westwood, Merrywood, Holiday Hills, Hillview

Area Merchants and other Business

Churches and Civic Organizations

Need a Job, Have Something To Sell or desiring to buy.  Need auto repair or lawn service????  The benefits are great so why not meet the needs of each other within our own community?  We also have a Neighborhood Watch program and from time to time we have guest speakers such as Alabama State representatives, Jefferson County representatives and Mayors of surrounding cities.  Our Fire Department also has good information to share with local neighborhood associations and they welcome you to attend the Public Meeting each month.


 Simply click this link to get information about whats going on in the community,  but we need to know who you are and I am sure you will be happy you accepted our invitation.  The neighborhood association has much to offer and if we your association to meet our goals and if or when necessary speak to the authorities who are suppose to protect and defend our neighborhood.  Will you help?  When we show up in unity, we can get things done.